My Philosophy of Education

Alissa Reid

I believe that an effective teacher must be responsible for building relationships with their students.  They must show their students dignity and respect.  Teachers are role models and should possess characteristics that they feel their students should attain.  Some characteristics include; organization, good communication, compassion, positive attitude, punctuality, and reliability.  I believe the role of a teacher should be that of a catalyst, a process helper, a solution giver, and a resource linker.  Depending on age levels, these roles will be weighted properly to instill life-long learning.

Teachers must have knowledge of what skills make a teacher effective.  Teaching should be an on-going learning process through education and professional development.  Teachers should use differentiated learning instruction and be more of a facilitator of learning, rather than a lecturer.

I believe that every student possesses the ability to learn.  I also believe that all students are capable and have something to contribute to the learning environment.  I view teaching as a process of encouraging students to make connections between their own personal experiences and the subject matter.  I also think that teachers should encourage self-awareness and responsibility.  Generally, I consider the role of the teacher to be a facilitator; teachers should enable students to become responsible for their own learning.  I believe the way to do this is through differentiated learning, as well as incorporating different teaching strategies and assessment strategies.  Learning is a life long process and if we can help a student understand the value of being responsible for their own learning, I believe we are helping them to be the best citizens that they can be in our community.

The main goals of education are socialization, achievement, personal growth, social change, and equity.  I think each of these aims are very important, and the success of these goals are crucial.  It is through school that students learn how to participate in our society.  Education also assists students in developing a positive self-concept, and teaches them about social change and how to adapt.  Students need to receive knowledge and skills they will require in their future through education.  It is the duty of teachers to assist in achieving these aims and to remain current in methods of doing so.

I consider communication to be one of the most important aspects of education.  A good teacher-student relationship is critical in both teaching and learning.  I believe communication is needed between students, parents, teacher, and school in order for students to achieve their full potential.

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